William Trubridge Takes the Gold at #VB2014

William Trubridge 700x400

The last dive is complete, the Steinlager Pure has been cracked open, Suunto Vertical Blue 2014 is officially over and local hero William Trubridge has retained his title as champion of #VB2014. Winning the competition and taking the gold over Alexey Molchanov of Russia (who placed second) came at a very narrow margin but Trubridge […]

Alexey vs. William – What it Will Take to Win #VB2014

Vertical Blue Freediving event, Day 6 - competition

It’s all coming down to the wire at Suunto Vertical Blue 2014 between Alexey Molchanov and William Trubridge. The apnea titans are neck and neck with no certain outcome in sight, (other than the fact that they are the two leaders out in front of the rest of the freediving pack.) For anyone who is […]

Mother Nature Whips up a Storm at #VB2014


Today Mother Nature decided to unfurl a squall or two, or three! on the freedivers at Deans Blue Hole. However, howling winds, intermittent torrential downpours of rain and the uncertainty of whether it would get better or worse did not deter the heartiest of competitors who managed to deliver clean performances despite the deteriorating conditions. […]

Vertical Blue 2014 Update – 10 National Records in 2 Days

ryuzo 60CNF NR day 2 and sayuri

Belying the caliber of participants at William Trubridge’s annual freediving competition, an astonishing count of ten total national records have been broken at the close of the second day of Vertical Blue 2014. Highlights of a fantastic day one can be seen in the video below. Day two proved to be a challenge for all […]

Kate Middleton Breaks Freediving Record at #VB2014

sunny kate

On day two of Suunto Vertical Blue in the Bahamas, Kate Middleton broke her own previous national record for New Zealand by completing a constant weight dive (CWT) to 68 meters with a dive time of 2 minutes and :31 seconds.  The girl with the golden suit had a very good day setting a personal […]

Vertical Blue 2014 Begins Tomorrow

will registers alexey

The lines have been stretched, the drills have been run, the flags are being hung and most of the practice dives are under the belt as Vertical Blue 2014 kicks-off tomorrow. Yesterday William Trubridge and his production crew registered an impressive 35 athletes from all around the world. The excitement in the air is palpable […]

The Countdown for Trubridge Begins

William prepares

It is T-minus 18+ days for William Trubridge. That is the amount of time he has left in order to prepare, mentally and physically, for his next world record attempt of 102 meters in the freediving discipline of constant weight no-fins (CNF). On December 3rd at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas, the Kiwi athlete […]

Mateusz Malina Sets World Record in Dynamic No-Fins

Malina WR pending test_Jana Turcinkova

Yesterday in Brno, Czech Republic a World Record was born. Matuesz Malina of Poland achieved a tremendous first for himself and for his country, as he successfully completed a dynamic no-fins dive of 226 meters on a single breath. (Malina, takes the current world record from Croatian Goran Colak, who set the previous record in […]