Shell Eisenberg Smashes USA Freediving Record

shell_by alicia franco

On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 Shell Eisenberg made history. Just shy of her 24th birthday, the freediving instructor from Northern California smashed a long standing USA women’s national record in the pool discipline of dynamic no-fins (DNF) with a stunning performance of 125m in a dive time of two minutes and :49 seconds at the […]

The Third Deepest Woman in the World: Misuzu Okamoto

mimi 92

Misuzu Okamoto (née Hirai) has gone where no other female Japanese diver has ever gone before on a single breath. Last week at Suunto Vertical Blue 2015 the petite but powerful freediver accomplished a true personal best performance with a constant weight (CWT) dive to -92 meters in a dive time of three minutes and […]

And the Winners Are…Kinoshita & Trubridge

Tomoka and Sayuri celebrate their double record - Saiko!

It’s been an exacting and exciting nine days at Deans Blue Hole, but today Suunto Vertical Blue 2015 came to an end. The overall winners of this annual freediving competition are Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan and William Trubridge of New Zealand, taking home the gold with 286.96 and 300 total points respectively. The rest of […]

The Race is On for 2nd and 3rd at #VB2015


Spoiler alert! No we don’t know who is going to get killed off next on Game of Thrones, but we can safely say who we believe will take gold overall at Suunto Vertical Blue 2015. Leading the men handily is the event organizer William Trubridge, who essentially secured the top prize with a flawless constant […]

The Japanese White Wave Continues at #VB2015

we all make our dive mimi 89 sayuri 73 yuki 56

Day Four of Suunto Vertical Blue manifested some twists and turns in the road for some of the athletes, but not for the Japanese ladies, their wave of strong white card dives continues. Leading the petite but powerful foursome was Mimi Okamoto with a beautiful constant weight dive to 89 meters. The next to catch […]

Suunto Vertical Blue Partners with Masimo for #VB2015

For the first time in freediving history, Masimo MASI, -2.04% maker of breakthrough Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion(TM) pulse oximetry, has equipped the Suunto Vertical Blue freediving competition with consumer versions of MightySat(R) fingertip pulse oximeters. “Vertical Blue is looking forward to collaborating this year with Masimo, as part of our efforts to be more […]

Tuesday Two’s at Suunto Vertical Blue 2015


It was a day of TWO’s yesterday at Suunto Vertical Blue in the Bahamas. On the second day of the competition world-record holder (and event organizer) William Trubridge successfully completed a stunning dive to 92 meters constant no-fins in three minutes and :40 seconds, Sofia Uribe Gomez set her second NR for Columbia with a […]

Sayuri Kinoshita Sets a No-Fins Record at Suunto Vertical Blue


Sayuri Kinoshita is rising. Rising up the ranks of the elite freedivers who can boast garnering a white card from a constant no-fins (CNF) dive at a significant depth. Yesterday on the first day of Suunto Vertical Blue 2015 Kinoshita proved she wants to be back on the winners platform as she completed her no-fins […]