[VIDEO] EXHALE – A Must Watch For All Freedivers


This week’s video is a hard hitting short film that follows Aaron Gallagher story of being rescued by his diving partner, and best friend Jack Strickland, after a Shallow Water Blackout.  What followed was a long road to recovery, as the two men fought against the physical and emotional trauma sustained on that fateful day. Got a […]

Team USA Announce Co-Captains for 2014 AIDA Team World Championships


The US Freediving Association has announced the USA Freediving Team Co-Captains that will be going to Sardinia in September 2014 for the AIDA Freediving Team Work Championships. Kerry Hollowell will be the Captain for the women’s team and Kyle Gion will be the Captain of the men’s team.  Together they will co-captain the American team. […]

National Freediving Records Fall at Danish Championships

Danish National Championships 2014

The Danish Freediving Championships are being held in Kalamata in Greece prior to the second event of the 2014 AIDA Freediving Cup Circuit – the Eurocup. During the first day of the Danish Championships 2 new National Records were set amongst the 9 dives completed.  Dena Parsa hit 60m in Free Immersions (FIM) with a […]

British Freediving Team Announced for 2014 AIDA Team World Championship

Jay Cluskey - BFA 2014

The British Freediving Assocation (BFA) have announced the 7 athletes that form the 2014 British Freediving team attending the 2014 AIDA Team World Championships in Sardinia.   The competition runs between 16th – 27th September in the Gulf of Cagliari. The team comprises of 7 athletes: Liv Philip, Georgina Miller, Beci Ryan, Mike Board (Captain), Tim […]

[VIDEO] Never Be Nery Greek Base Jumping


This week’s video is a parody of the hugely successful short film “Free Fall”.  Shot by Nicholas Kouvaras it features cheeky monofin Freedivers interfering with the “hero’s” attempt to base jump/free fall during his dive.  Well worth a watch! Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us. What is Video of the Week? Our aim […]

The Lunocet 2015 Pro Monofin Launched

Lunocet Pro 2015 Beauty

Ted Ciamillo, the brains behind the Lunocet monofin, has announced the launch of his new model – the 2015 Lunocet Pro – that has been optimized for competitive freediving. Based on feedback from competitors and enthusiasts, the new 2015 Lunocet Pro has had an overhaul of it’s design.  The main differences in the new version are […]

SSI Appoint Lotta Ericson as Freediving Training Director

Lotta Ericson SSI Training Director

SSI has announced that Lotta Ericson will take over from Mike Wells as their Global Freediving Training Director. Lotta and her business partner Linda Paganelli run the Freedive Dahab and Blue Immersion group of Freediving Schools with subsidiaries in Egypt, Thailand and Tanzania.  Both were some of the first Instructor Trainers to move over to […]

[VIDEO] 10 Year Throwback – 2004 AIDA World Championships


This week’s video is a throwback to 2004 when the AIDA Freediving World Championships were being held in Vancouver, Canada.  Check out the playlist of 9 daily videos published by the competition organizers and look for cameo’s from various top Freedivers and if you look closely you’ll see a brief one from me! Got a great […]