DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

DEMA Show 2013 Videos: Ultimate Diver Challenge, Hotshotz Heat, Freediving Instructors International & XDeep

DEMA Port Of Call

During DEMA Show 2013 we had a number of roving reporters doing video interviews.  See our interviews with Ultimate Diver Challenge, Hotshotz Heat, Freediving Instructors International and XDeep below.  All videos were filmed on GoPro Hero 3′s. Follow #DEMAShow Coverage on Twitter

The Future for DEMA

Tom Ingram DEMA 2013

Tom Ingram, Executive Director for DEMA, talked about the future of DEMA and of sport diving in general in an interview on November 6, 2013.  He laid out several initiatives DEMA will be undertaking over the next five years. “DEMA needs to serve as a catalyst in the world of diving,” Ingram said.  “Over the […]

Watershot Unveils Prototype Underwater Camera DSLR Lens For iPhone & Galaxy


Watershot this week unveiled a prototype underwater DSLR camera lens at DEMA Show 2013 in Orlando that can be attached to Watershot’s waterproof housings for iPhone and Galaxy smart phones. “We believe that this is gonna be the wave of the future because basically it does away with the [traditional] DSLR” camera body, according to […]

iDive Introduces Latest Version Of iPad Underwater Case At DEMA Show


iDive introduced the latest version of its iPad underwater housing at DEMA Show 2013 in Orlando this past week. The latest version sports a new “balance module” in the back of the housing that automatically, internally pressurizes the case. So as the diver descends, the module adds the correct amount of gas to keep the […]