DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

Science On A Mission From The Heart

PALAU was lucky enough to get an interview with Dr. Eric Terrill of Scripps Institution of Oceanography while covering DEMA Show 2014 this past weekend. One of his recent collaborations with the BentProp Organization and the University of Delaware successfully used sophisticated underwater vehicles to locate the lost wreckage of a World War II aircraft. […]

The Sheppard Offers Rebreather Divers An Alternative Bailout Solution


This DEMA saw the launch of the Sheppard Rebreather. Arkansas based manufacturer KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) named their bailout breather after Jack Sheppard, a pioneering British cave explorer and diver. Jack was one of the first men in the World to make a cave dive, almost 80 years ago, in the mid 1930s. “We called […]

DEMA Show 2014 Videos: Shark Shield, Rinse Kit, Prawno, Innovasub & EON Global Scooter

DEMA Show 2014 Banner

During DEMA Show 2014 we had a number of roving reporters doing video interviews.  See our interviews with Shark Shield, Rinse Kit, Prawno, Innovasub & EON Global Scooter below.  All videos were filmed on GoPro Hero 3’s.

For All Things Underwater Imaging Think Wetpixel


Whilst the team here at were running around DEMA 2014 in Las Vegas we would regularly stumble across our friends over at Wetpixel deep in conversation with various people in the Image Resource Center.  Wetpixel is the premier site for all things Underwater Imaging and the team this year, led by Editor Adam Hanlon, has turned […]’s Chat With DEMA Executive Director Tom Ingram

DEMA Show 2014 Banner

Diving Equipment & Marketing Association Executive Director Tom Ingram was gracious enough to take some time out of his hectic schedule during DEMA Show 2014 to chat with about the show itself as well as where he sees the organization going in the future. For‘s interview with Ingram about DEMA Show 2014, click […]