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[VIDEO] 10 Year Throwback – 2004 AIDA World Championships


This week’s video is a throwback to 2004 when the AIDA Freediving World Championships were being held in Vancouver, Canada.  Check out the playlist of 9 daily videos published by the competition organizers and look for cameo’s from various top Freedivers and if you look closely you’ll see a brief one from me! Got a great […]

Güldner Breaks Nitsch’s Skandalopetra Record

Andreas Güldner on his way back to the surface after his world record-setting Skandalopetra freedive

Andreas Güldner recently broke Herbert Nitsch‘s Skandalopetra freediving world record with a 112-meter dive in the Red Sea off the Egyptian coast. Nitsch held the previous record at 107 meters. Güldner, an SSI Freediving Instructor, had a dive time of 3 minutes 23 seconds. He achieved his record on June 26th at ‘Panorama Reef’ in […]

Andrea Zuccari Breaks Italian No Limits National Record with 175m Dive

Zuccari 175 NLT Sign

Italian Freediver Andrea Zuccari has achieved a new National Italian record in No-Limits (NLT) by diving to 175m on Friday 25th in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.  Incredibly Zuccari used a normal freediving mask rather than a typical set of fluid googles and noseclip which makes him the deepest man ever to freedive with a mask. […]

US Freediving Announce Team USA 2014


US Freediving have announced the selection of the USA Freediving Team. The team consists of four male and four female athletes. Selection was based on application from athletes with performances from International Ranking List freediving competitions within the last eighteen months. The team will be representing the United States at the AIDA World Team Freediving […]

Rebecca Coales Takes UK Freediving Record

Rebecca Coales

A long-standing UK female dynamic with fins (DYN) freediving record has finally been broken. On Saturday, July 6, 2014 at the Life Leisure, Grand Central 50 meter Pool in Stockport Rebecca Coales succeeded in doing something that no one has been able to do for the past five years: swim far enough horizontally on a […]

[VIDEO] Carlos Correa – Colombian 68m National Record in Free Immersion


Colombian Freediver, Carlos Correa recently set a new National Record in Free Immersion (FIM) by diving to 68m in the 2014 Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition in Roatan, Honduras.  You can see the record breaking dive in the video below.

7th Mediterranean Cup – It’s a Wrap

7th Med Cup 4

A little over three weeks ago a quite little village in the Southeast coast of the island of Crete, called Myrtos, became the focus of our Freediving community. Freediving Club Greece and Stavros Kastrinakis chose Myrtos for its access to deep, clear waters, the hospitality of the locals and the amazing scenery to host the […]

Georgina Miller Sets New UK Record in Static Apnea

George and her coach by Sean Peters

Holding your breath requires patience. Holding your breath for six minutes and :27 seconds requires an internal strength and steel most people don’t have – but Georgina Miller does. Just this week in Crete at the 7th Annual Mediterranean World Cup gorgeous George proved she had the focus and skill needed to further the UK […]