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3 New National Records Set At 2014 Great Northern Freediving Competition

Great Northern Rebecca Coales

The 2014 Great Northern International UK Freediving Competition was held at the Lifestyle Fitness Aquatic Centre in Liverpool last weekend.  51 Athletes competed, 15 countries were represented and 3 new National Records were set. was in attendance and could see first hand how the event, organised by Steve Millard of the Apneists UK group, […]

Freediving Club Greece Announced Its First World Cup Freediving Circuit

Med Cup Logo

Freediving Club Greece has announced that in the summer of 2014 they will be hosting two events as a World Cup Freediving Circuit. The events being held are: 7th Mediterranean World Cup (June 1 to June 22) Held on the Mediterranean island of Crete Weeks 1, 2: Training Weeks, Week 3 Training and 5 days […]

Serbian Branko Petrovic Wins Fazza Freediving Championship, Sets New Competition Record


Serbian freediver Branko Petrovic won the Fazza Championship for Freediving this past weekend held under CMAS freediving rules. Petrovic notched both a first-place finish in the static apnea finals on March 9 with a 9:36-minute breath-hold as well as setting a competition record breath-hold of 9:47 minutes during the qualification round two days earlier. “I […]

OxygenFree 2014 Pool Competition To Take Place This Month


The fourth annual OxygenFree Pool Competition is taking place March 29th and 30th in Nis, Serbia. Participants will be able to compete in three freediving disciplines at this AIDA-calendar event: static apnea, dynamic with fins and dynamic without fins, according to the organizers: “In addition to individual participation (STA plus better result in DNF or […]

Caribbean Freediving Cup Competition To Take Place This May In Roatan

Caribbean Cup-1

William Trubridge and Carlos Coste are among the freedivers who will be competing in the Caribbean Freediving Cup this coming May. The event will take place on May 24-31, 2014, just off the Honduran island of Roatan. According to the organizers: “Since we began to look into the process of organizing an international competition in […]

Australian Freediving Association Announces 2013 Annual Awards


The Australian Freediving Association recently announced the 2013 annual awards. The association said in a statement: “It’s been an absolute privilege for the AFA to watch our community grow with such exceptionally talented, driven, and generous athletes.” The award categories were as follows: Best National male: Tanc Sade Best National female: Amber Bourke Best NSW […]

Liv Philip & Tim Money Crowned Again As UK National Freediving Champions


Tim Money and Liv Philip  have been awarded the annual UK National Freediving Championship prize once again. Both athletes won last year, and incredibly this will be the seventh time in a row for Liv.  Tim and Liv of London Freediving are experienced athletes who put a lot of thought and work into their training […]

Sardinia Wins Vote For AIDA 2014 Team World Championships

AIDA International Logo Large

AIDA International have announced that voting for the 2014 Team World Championships has completed and the winning venue is Cagliari, Sardinia.  The competition will take place in between September 16 – 26th 2014. The competition fee is €250 per athlete; this includes official training days and oxygen. Fees for additional training days and room and […]