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AIDA International announce new Freediving Instructor Trainers

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AIDA International, the global freediving federation, has announced that 5 new instructors have been granted AIDA Instructor Trainer status.  This is the highest level an instructor can reach in the education system developed by AIDA and allows these instructors to train not only other freedivers but also other instructors. The new Instructor Trainers are: Savvas […]

Girls Go Deep

WARNING! Performance Freediving Clinicsare highly addictive. Static apnea-ists and free immersion-holics beware. Side affects include chronic daydreaming of new personal bests in the middle of work presentations, catching and (hopefully) stopping yourself from relieving yourself in the grocery store as you practice hook-breaths, feeling conflicted about conducting a facial immersion in your company’s holiday party punch bowl, and asking complete strangers if they would mind lubing you up?