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Review: The 2014 Lunocet Monofin – Part III

Lunocet Classic & Pro

In Part 2 I reviewed the 2014 Lunocet Classic and concluded that I was unable to get much above 1 m/s while still using an efficient Freediving level of energy expenditure.  In this article I concentrate on the new Lunocet Pro designed for the Competitive Freediver. My initial thoughts, feelings and impressions on the Lunocet […]

Review: The 2014 Lunocet Monofin – Part II

fin comparison shootout

In this article, I will focus on the actual performance that the 2014 Lunocet with classic flukes provides, in the context of high-performance / competitive Freediving, versus other fins / forms of propulsion. See part 1 of the 2014 Lunocet review covering comfort, portability, robustness, convenience, ability to use in proximity of others, etc. The […] Launch Advanced Left Handed Carbon Monofin

Freediving Monofin Carbon Advanced 700x400

We’re proud to be able to launch a new product that has been in development for 14 years – the Advanced Left Handed Carbon Monofin.  Born out of years of detailed research with some of the most advanced aerospace engineers, hydro-dynamic and bio-dynamic scientists, it caters for left-handed Freedivers who up until now have not […]

SUBGEAR and Trygons Jointly Develop New Carbon Freediving Fins

Subgear Carbon Fins

SUBGEAR and Trygons have teamed up to develop a new series of carbon freediving fins: Carbon S1: Stereo fins – made with 99% Carbon for an incomparable force and unbeatable performance. Carbon S2: Stereo fins – made with a combination of carbon and fiberglass for a top quality/price ratio. Carbon M1: Monofin – a carbon […]

New Lunocet Pro Monofin Designed for Competitive Freediving


Ted Ciamillo, the brains behind the Lunocet, has announced the new Lunocet Pro.  Whilst the original Lunocet and the 2014 Lunocet was designed for Hydro-touring (long distance swimming), the new Lunocet Pro has been designed specifically for the sport of competitive freediving, the Lunocet Pro delivers superior performance in acceleration, buoyancy and drag characteristics, and […]

New Snorkeling Mask Developed


French watersports company Tribord has developed a full-face, all-in-one snorkeling mask. Dubbed the Easybreath, the mask allows the snorkeler to breathe through the nose as well as the mouth: “The main obstacle to snorkelling is the difficulty in breathing underwater with a snorkel. Indeed, breathing through your mouth is unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece is […]

Suunto Launch Fresh New Look For D4i Computers

Suunto D4i White

Suunto has launched new color versions of the popular dive computer – the Suunto D4i.  Product features will stay the same, but they now come in fresh new colors and design. The D4i will now come in Black, White, Blue and Lime colours and now sports an all new, soft silicone strap for maximum comfort […]

Lunocet Flash Christmas Offer – Only $299

Lunocet Banner

We’re just heard from our friend Ted Ciamillo, manufacturer of the 2014 version of the hydro-touring monofin Lunocet, that they are having a flash Christmas sale where the Lunocet is on offer for half price at $299 instead of the normal $599. Purchasers have until Midnight EST to buy a gift card that entitles them […]