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A Discussion with James Nestor Author of Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves


James Nestor is a San Francisco-based author who just recently published a book titled “Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves.” In it, he describes attending a freediving competition in Greece, learning how to free dive from Eric Pinon of Performance Freediving International and Ted Harty of Immersion Freediving, discovers how humans’ heartbeats […]

On Sharks and Sleds — an interview with World Record-Holder William Winram

William Wimram 700x400

Several months ago  William Winram set a new world record in the freediving discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) – watch the video of his 145 meter record-setting sled dive below. Since then he’s been quite busy promoting shark conservation in general, and an IMAX film, Great White Sharks, which seeks to do the same by revealing […]

Red Bull Presents: Herbert Nitsch BACK FROM THE ABYSS

Nearly one year ago Herbert Nitsch attempted to improve upon his own World Record in the the sled category of No-Limits. On June 6th 2012 NItsch was hoping to take his own existing record of 214 meters down to 244 meters. Despite painstaking preparation, on that early summer afternoon off the Greek island of Santorini, […]

IMAX Goes Freediving with Winram, Buyle and Great Whites


Renowned breath-hold photographer Fred Buyle and his Canadian freediving partner-in-crime William Winram have tagged their fair share of sharks for science research. Now they’re taking it to the big screen in an IMAX 3D film.  Under the direction of Yes/No Productions (makers of several other IMAX films including of Wild Ocean and The Last Reef,) Great White […]

REVOLUTION : a film about our oceans by Rob Stewart

Shark activist Rob Stewart wants you to pay attention. The acclaimed director of “Sharkwater” is making an urgent call with his latest film REVOLUTION. In an effort to uncover the truth and find the secret to saving the marine ecosystems we depend on, Stewart embarks on a life-threatening adventure. Contrasting footage from freediving the coral […]

ESPN film “No Limits” on Audre Mestre death to be aired Summer 2013

The sports channel ESPN as part of their Nine for IX series of nine documentary films, about women in sports directed by female filmmakers, is airing “No Limits” – a film about Audrey Mestre who died during a No Limits (NLT) Freediving Record attempt on 12th October 2002 in the Dominican Republic. The film will […]

William Trubridge Gets a New Look

It’s a new year and William Trubridge is starting it off with a fresh new look — that is digitally speaking. In collaboration with designer Adam Carson, Will has developed an updated aesthetic at the website for his freediving school Vertical Blue, and has also given his personal website a long-awaited revamp as well. The […]

Freediving Documentary Breathe release date set for September 18th 2012

The producer and director of Breathe – the freediving documentary featuring William Trubridge has announced that the indie film will be released on DVD and iTunes on 18th September 2012, as well as being able to enjoy it on Netflix. The documentary follows features the 2010 male winner of the World Absolute Freediver Awards, and guardian of […]