Freediving is a form of diving that requires a diver to breath-hold (also known as Apnea) and is one of the first forms of water based sport known.

Freediving can be practiced both as a recreational sport where divers enjoy the sights and sounds of the underwater world for enjoyment or, in more recent years, competitively as a sport in both team and individual based competitions as well as individual World Records in specific disciplines governed by international bodies such as AIDA or CMAS.

Freediving Education and Training has become common-place as the sport has evolved and concentrates on ensuring diver safety as well as more advanced techniques of breath-hold.

A limited amount of equipment is used for Freediving including mask, snorkel, weight belt, wetsuit and bi-fins or monofin.

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Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier Do It Again With “Ocean Gravity” Short Film

Ocean Gravity 700x376

The powerhouse French couple Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier have managed to produce another hit short film to follow up on “Free Fall” and “Narcose”… Ocean Gravity.  Ocean Gravity is a short film that rewrite the rules of the underwater world and takes us this time into the world of the weightlessness. The film feels like it […]

William Trubridge Takes the Gold at #VB2014

William Trubridge 700x400

The last dive is complete, the Steinlager Pure has been cracked open, Suunto Vertical Blue 2014 is officially over and local hero William Trubridge has retained his title as champion of #VB2014. Winning the competition and taking the gold over Alexey Molchanov of Russia (who placed second) came at a very narrow margin but Trubridge […]

Alexey vs. William – What it Will Take to Win #VB2014

Vertical Blue Freediving event, Day 6 - competition

It’s all coming down to the wire at Suunto Vertical Blue 2014 between Alexey Molchanov and William Trubridge. The apnea titans are neck and neck with no certain outcome in sight, (other than the fact that they are the two leaders out in front of the rest of the freediving pack.) For anyone who is […]

Static Trainer Version 6.0 Released

Static_Apnea_Trainer_iOS (2)

An updated version of the Static Trainer breath-hold app has been released. Static Trainer version 6.0 was recently released for Apple and Android smartphone and tablet users who want to do breath-hold training with a buddy or group. Its newest feature is an AIDA-style “max attempt” with a countdown to the “official top.” The app […]

British Freediver Rebecca Coales Breaks National Dynamic Apnea Record

Photo by Frogfish Photography

British freediver Rebecca Coales this past weekend broke her fifth national dynamic apnea record, swimming 186 meters with a monofin at a competition in Manchester, England. Coales extended her previous record by seven meters during her three-minute swim at Grand Central pool operated by Life Leisure and was monitored by AIDA judges. Coales, trained by […]

William Trubridge Strong Attempt At Freediving World Record

William Trubridge 700x400

William Trubridge attempted to break his own Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) Freediving World Record today as part of the Steinlager Pure Deep Dive World Record Attempt at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Trubridge started strong and made the 102m depth with ease.  He started his return and continued to seem strong up to 10m before the […]

[VIDEO] Vertical Blue 2014 – Day 4

Safety Team Vertical Blue

The Suunto Vertical Blue #VB2014 competition video for Day 4 has come out with the ladies continue to excel at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.  Tomoka Fukuda of Japan sets a new personal best at 86 meters deep, Lena Jovanovic of Serbia triumphant in a dive to 75 meters setting a new Serbian national record, and viewers […]

Mother Nature Whips up a Storm at #VB2014


Today Mother Nature decided to unfurl a squall or two, or three! on the freedivers at Deans Blue Hole. However, howling winds, intermittent torrential downpours of rain and the uncertainty of whether it would get better or worse did not deter the heartiest of competitors who managed to deliver clean performances despite the deteriorating conditions. […]