Freediving is a form of diving that requires a diver to breath-hold (also known as Apnea) and is one of the first forms of water based sport known.

Freediving can be practiced both as a recreational sport where divers enjoy the sights and sounds of the underwater world for enjoyment or, in more recent years, competitively as a sport in both team and individual based competitions as well as individual World Records in specific disciplines governed by international bodies such as AIDA or CMAS.

Freediving Education and Training has become common-place as the sport has evolved and concentrates on ensuring diver safety as well as more advanced techniques of breath-hold.

A limited amount of equipment is used for Freediving including mask, snorkel, weight belt, wetsuit and bi-fins or monofin.

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North Pole Freediving Challenge 2015

north pole white card

Earlier this week Konstantin Novikov of Russia set a new world record for a depth dive under the ice. On April 13th at the geographic North Pole of earth (exact coordinates of the dive: 89′ 59.556′) Konstantin Novikov made a dive under constant weight to 65 meters on breath-hold. Novikov’s  CWT dive took  two minutes and […]

Sea Dragons Announce World Premiere Of Breathless TV Series “Fôlego”

FOLEGO on Vimeo

Explore the world’s oceans and ocean communities with South American Champion Flavia Eberhard at the world premiere of Sea Dragon’s breathless TV series “Fôlego” for Brazilian Channel Canal Off. The film, shot in the Philippines on one breath by Spanish Champion Pepe Arcos, will be participating in ADEX Asia Dive Expo – Asia Dive Expo […]

GoFreediving Switches To Teaching RAID International Freediving Courses

GoFreediving Instructors and Paul Toomer - RAID -700x400

UK-based GoFreediving Head Instructor Emma Farrell recently announced her company would primarily teach RAID International freediving courses from 2015 onwards.  Emma is now a RAID WSF Instructor Trainer. This week, RAID and Emma Farrell have crossed over her seven resident Freediving Instructors from SSI to the RAID system with a weekend course with RAID International […]

Children’s Mermaid Monofins By Body Glove and Mermaid Linden


Whilst walking around the DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas we stumbled upon our friend Mermaid Linden on the Body Glove booth.  She was giving a sneak peak at her new children’s monofins (sorry Mermaid tails) that were going to start to be available in 2015. We’ve heard back from under the waves and Mermaid […]

Nirvana Oceanquest – Colombia’s Inaugural AIDA Depth Competition


Nirvana Oceanquest is an international freediving event that will host athletes, hailing from all around the globe, in a truly unique spot: the Nirvana Sea Cliff off the coast of San Andres Island, Colombia. Starting June 6th, over the course of six competition days, freedivers will get the opportunity to attempt personal, national or even […]

Ukrainian 2015 Pool Freediving Championships Announced

AIDA Ukraine Pool Competition

AIDA Ukraine has announced their 2015 Ukrainian Pool Freediving Championships to be held in Odessa on May 23rd – 24th 2015.  The competition program includes all three pool disciplines – Static (STA), Dynamic Apnea (DYN) and Dynamic Apnea Without Fins (DNF). Competition fees are €30 EUR and there is a special offer at the Mirage […]

Saudi Arabian Record Falls At New Zealand Freediving National Championships

AIDA New Zealand National Championships 2015

The New Zealand Freediving National Depth Championships were recently held at Lake Taupo on 20th – 22nd March 2015.  10 Freedivers from New Zealand, Australia and Saudi Arabia competed for glory in the National Championships in Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM) disciplines. The new Saudi Arabian National Record […]

New Introductory Freediving eBook Released

Freediving eBook

A brand new Freediving eBook has been released on iTunes today.  “Freediving” is an easy to read, beginners guide, ebook available for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch and Mac’s that was developed by AIDA President Kimmo Lahtinen as well as Simo Kurra and Ari Nissinen.  It has been developed from the original Finnish version. Kimmo Lahtinen […]