Technical Diving

International Marine Contractors Association Abu Dhabi 2008

Middle East Ocean and Science Technology Expo is meeting for the First Time in the Middle East MEOST 2008 is the first industry led marine exhibition in the vibrant Middle East market to showcase new technology, products, services and solutions from the seafloor to sea surface. MEOST will feature new equipment, training and live demonstrations […]

NAUI approves more rebreathers

From the NAUI Scuba New Wire (press release): TAMPA, Florida (October 19, 2007) – NAUI has announced the addition of the Inspiration and Evolution Rebreathers manufactured by Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd. and distributed by Silent Diving Systems LLC to their list of approved rebreathers for NAUI training courses that can be found in the Technical […]

Rebreathers no longer silent?

The stealth aspect of rebreathers may no longer be as effective. New Electronics Magazine writes: PCB design services company Dayford Designs has completed a series of boards for use in QinetiQ’s Cerberus 360 swimmer detection system. The project included a 12 layer, high speed data communications board and a 12 layer a/d conversion board using […]