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A Virtual Visit – Experience Wakatobi Like Never Before

Wakatobi Virtual Tour 3

Aerial of Wakatobi Dive Resort Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be transported to the beach at Wakatobi right now? Unfortunately, the teleporter hasn’t been invented yet, but digital imaging technology has given us the next best thing. When you log on to a new feature on Wakatobi’s website you’ll experience a bird’s eye […]

Blue O Two To Conduct Liveaboard Galapagos Dive Trips In 2015


With the Galapagos Islands growing in popularity as a top dive destination, liveaboard dive operator blue o two have announced they will begin offering new trips to the islands next year aboard the M/V Galapagos Master in collaboration with Worldwide Dive and Sail: As a UNESCO World Heritage site, an Ecuadorian National Park, and a […]

Beyond the Bathtub – Sponges

02-Shallow water sponges_photo by Warren Baverstock

Sponges are much more than cleaning accessories; they are the ocean’s original reef builders. Barrel sponge with Glass fish | Photo: Steve Rosenberg Ever think about all the sponges we use to bathe our children, wash dishes or clean the car? Today a majority of these sponges are made through a synthetic process, but there […]