Spearfishing is a form of freediving and fishing that has been popular since the early civilization. Early humanity used to fish with sharped sticks in rivers and lakes as a means of fishing.

Modern spearfishing has evolved somewhat with elastic-band and compressed gas powered spearguns used to hunt fish with specialized techniques and equipment employed depending on the environment such as blue-water or freshwater hunting.

We focus on sustainable spearfishing which means being highly selective in what you catch and only what you can eat.

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Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Patience


Greeting to all of you underwater dwellers.  Now that you know how to relax perfectly well – lets proceed to the second episode of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia – Patience. If you were a bit late to jump on the band wagon, the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia is pretty self-explanatory. In the series I focus on […]

New York State Spearfishing Law To Become Effective This Month

Video thumbnail for youtube video [VIDEO] Spearfishing: Trapped Underwater Fighting a 65lb+ White Seabass – DeeperBlue.com

A New York state spearfishing bill passed last November will go into effect on February 21st. Outgoing New York State Senator Lee Zeldin said in November: “Fishing is a popular pastime here on Long Island and spearfishing is just one of the many forms of recreational fishing.” State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Jr., the Assembly sponsor […]

Dive Rite Introduces New Spearfishing BCD


For those who like to spearfish with scuba gear, Dive Rite this week introduced a new BCD that caters to that particular crowd. The HunterPAC BCD has configurable D-ring mounting points for carrying a spearfishing stringer or a ZooKeeper’s Lionfish Containment Unit. Additional D-rings can also be added to the BCD. It retails for US$440. […]

Shark Shield Opens First U.S. Office


Shark Shield this week announced the opening of its first U.S. office in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to the company announcement: After 12 years of leadership in the Australian spearfishing and dive market, we are now opening our U.S. office to support local U.S. spearfishers and divers and to educate other water sports enthusiasts on […]

Registration Now Open For Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge

Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge

The Tampa Bay Spearfishing Club in Florida recently announced that registration for its next annual tournament beginning Friday, May 2, is now open. According to the club’s website: “The Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge . . . remains one of the most fair and exciting tournaments for beginning and experienced shooters alike as the random drawing prize […]