Multimillion-Dollar Trove Of WW2-Era Silver Coins Recovered From South Atlantic Wreck Site

A treasure trove of Second World War-era silver coins has been recovered by a British-led salvage team from a cargo vessel sunk in the South Atlantic.Operating from its 75-meter-long survey vessel, the SV John Lethbridge, Deep Ocean Search (DOS) recovered about US$50 million -- UK£34 million/€47 million -- in silver rupee coins that were being transported from India to … [Read More...]

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North Pole Freediving Challenge 2015

Earlier this week Konstantin Novikov of Russia set a new world record for a depth dive under the ice. On April 13th at the geographic North Pole of earth (exact coordinates of the dive: 89' 59.556') Konstantin Novikov made a dive under constant weight to 65 … [Read More...]