[VIDEO] Diving and Slam Dunking

This week's video combines diving (we see both scuba divers and freedivers in the video) along with basketball.  Dunking whilst diving...Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us.What is Video of the Week? Our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best (or just plain interesting) about Freediving, Scuba Diving or … [Read More...]

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RAID Launches New iPhone App

Four months after launching an Android app, RAID announced that it had launched a version for the iPhone.The RAID iOS app is designed to allow divers to complete their theory training, do quick quizzes as well as the final exam and the practical skills … [Read More...]

El Quseir

Red Sea Shark Attack In Egypt

Egypt has seen a fatal shark attack on Sunday that claimed the life of a German tourist.  The 52 year old man died after a shark reportedly bit off his leg off the coast of the Egyptian city of al-Qusair.  The species of shark has not been identified.Egypt … [Read More...]

Freedive UAE Hadeya waiting for judges decision

First Female UAE Freediving Champion Announced

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) held it's first official AIDA sanctioned Freediving Competition on 21st March.  Held at the British School Al Khuhairat - Abu Dhabi the competition featured Static (STA) and Dynamic (DYN) pool disciplines and had competitors from … [Read More...]