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02-Shallow water sponges_photo by Warren Baverstock

Beyond the Bathtub – Sponges

Sponges are much more than cleaning accessories; they are the ocean’s original reef builders. Barrel sponge with Glass fish | Photo: Steve Rosenberg Ever think about all the sponges we use to bathe our children, wash dishes or clean the car? Today a majority of these sponges are made through a synthetic process, but there was a time when they were harvested directly from the … [Read More...]

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[VIDEO] Remembering Loic Leferme

This week's video remembers the French Freediver Loïc Leferme (28 August 1970 -- 11 April 2007) who passed away whilst training for a planned record attempt in July 2007.  Loic was one of the co-founders of the international Freediving Federation AIDA in 1990 … [Read More...]

Lead Sea Fans 700x400

The Trees of the Coral Jungle

Red sea fan and fish with landscape | Photo: Walt Stearns The saying "can't see the forest for the trees" refers to a person's tendency to focus on the details to the point of missing the big picture. Divers certainly have no problem seeing the big picture … [Read More...]