Sofía Gómez Uribe Sets a new Colombian Record at Vertical Blue

Today, on the first day of competition, Sofia Gomez Uribe of Colombia decided to go for it. In her first appearance at the "Wimbledon of Freediving" Sofia, the youngest competitor at Suunto Vertical Blue 2015, completed a free immersion (FIM) dive to 67 meters in two minutes and :41 seconds to secure herself a new national record. "The dive felt super nice, I thought I was … [Read More...]

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[VIDEO] Whale Fantasia

This week's video is a revisit of a great video by GoPro.  Featuring Performance Freediving International instructors Mandy-Rae Krack, Erin Magee and Ashleigh Baird the video shows the Freedivers dancing with 3 humpback whales.Got a great video to … [Read More...]