Pan-American Freediving Strength at LA Apnea Challenge

LA Apnea Challenge NR record-setters McGrath and Hernandez

On Sunday August 5th Alfredo Romo Hernandez of Mexico and Jenna McGrath of the United States decided to up the ante for freedivers north and south of the border; while competing in the 3rd annual LA Apnea Challenge these Pan-American athletes demonstrated their mental and physical strength. As if to punctuate his proven apnea ability […]

Jenna McGrath New USA Freediving Record

Jenna McGrath in the pool

A relative newcomer to the sport of freediving, today Jenna McGrath grabbed her first official title. At the Culver City Plunge Pool in Los Angeles, California McGrath successfully completed a dynamic apnea dive (DYN) of 150 meters in two minutes and :04 seconds, garnering her a national record and quite a triumphant Sunday. An acclaimed […]