A Brief Chat With Watson DeVore, RAID’s New Head Of North America


DeeperBlue.com stopped by the RAID booth at DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas this week and had a brief chat with Watson DeVore, the company’s new regional head of North American operations. DeVore is one of a slew of new hires the company has made in the past few months as it aggressively re-launched its […]

Ladies First Drysuit Is SANTI Gold


We at DeeperBlue.com were walking around on the DEMA Show 2014 convention floor when a poster for the Ladies First Drysuit caught our eye at the SANTI booth. We stopped in to talk with SANTI‘s Doug Mudry to find out more. Doug doesn’t hide the fact that he loves women: he thinks they’ve got superior management skills […]

Artist Andreas Franke Breathing Life Back Into Shipwrecks


While venturing through DEMA Show 2014 this week, DeeperBlue.com was captivated by the beauty of the underwater photography of Andreas Franke. All the way from his home in Vienna, Austria, Franke has come to share his unique project, “The Sinking World of Andreas Franke.” Through his experience as a commercial photographer for more than 25 years, Andreas has shot […]

Tank Titan Secures Your Tanks From Truck To Boat


Tired of finding chips and scratches all over your boat and car/truck backseat from moving your dive tanks around? Deeperblue.com has found an easy, affordable solution at DEMA Show 2014. Tank Titan is here to save the day from runaway tanks and make your boat space a little more worry-free and organized with the world’s first inflatable dive […]

Doc’s Got You Covered


Dr. Robert Scott cares about your ears. The story goes that the Doc took up surfing in the seventies at the ripe old age of fifty, and soon began to notice a high rate of exostosis (surfer’s ear) harshing the stoke among his fellow wave-riders. Hypothesizing that it was cold air hitting the eardrum that was causing this […]

Does It Come In Any Colors Besides Pink?


Abingdon Welch is more of a flyer who dives than a diver who flies, so what is she doing at DEMA Show 2014? The short answer is, she’s meeting a need the industry will barely admit to having: a high-end dive watch for women. When your story begins in the clouds it may seem impossible to […]

App Mania Part II: PADI Presents An App Overhaul


Kristin Valette, vice president of PADI marketing and communications, wants to put everything scuba in the palm of your hand. It’s a big ambition, and one that PADI‘s been working on since April when they decided their old app needed a major redesign if they wanted to stay in a state-of-the-art position. The new app is […]

App Mania Part I: SSI’s New Digital Training Platform


Just in time for DEMA Show 2014, the forward-thinking folks at Scuba Schools International are debuting a comprehensive media platform to bring all the strengths of their print and classroom training into the digital age. In addition to web accessibility, the program is available for iOS and Android users and seamlessly integrates SSI‘s quality training […]