Top 10 Freediving Videos

Freediving videos have started gaining popularity on sites such as YouTube for a few years now.  Some have even seen explosive growth into the millions of views.

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We’ve taken a trawl through some of the videos online and present to you the Top 10 Freediving Videos right now.

  1. Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole
    Probably the best known of all Freediving Video’s – Guillaume Nery’s stylish video filmed at the Blue Hole in the Bahamas.
  2. William Trubridge Freediving World Record no fins 88m (288ft)
    The first of many Trubridge videos that are popular with not only Freedivers but the public as well.
  3. William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab
    Will hits the Blue Hole in Dahab for this video.
  4. WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving
    Another stylish video that followed in the footsteps of Guillaume’s base jumping video.
  5. Defending the Vandenberg
    The Performance Freediving crew head out to the Vandenberg for an amazing chase video.
  6. William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive
    Another Will video…
  7. Radiohead – Codex – The King of Limbs
    Whilst the video is the same as the base jumping version this one was used by the band Radiohead to show off one of their tracks.
  8. Unassisted freediving world record – 95m (311 feet). by William Trubridge
    Guess what…Will again…
  9. Mermaids in Motion Real Live Mermaid Promo
    A very popular trailer for the skills of Linden (disclaimer – a good friend and writer for from Mermaids in Motion.
  10. H2O Season 3 Episode 19 Part 1/3 “Breakaway”
    Interestingly the Australian TV series aimed at Kids and Teens called H2O features Freediving in quite a number of episodes.

What do you think?  Are there other Freediving videos that should feature on this list?  Drop a comment below…

  • Ezequiel Cuellar

    Definitely there are more videos that should be featured on this article.

    My favorite video if not the best is:

    Freediving Canyon – Dahab, Egypt

    • Stephan Whelan

      Ezequiel – agree there should be more.  We like your suggested video and might consider it for a future list.

  • Theodora Atanasova

  • Thea Atanasova

    Hello my name is Theodora Atanasova. I want to show you my video from summer 2011 when I went free diving in Cyprus. My facebook profile is Thea Atanasova.

  • Swimmer’s Daily

    This just in :-)

    “Freediving Encounter at -70m”

  • Swimmer’s Daily

    This is also good: Self-discovery on a single breath -


  • Karoline M. Meyer

    Freediving Bonaire with Karol Meyer

  • Karoline M. Meyer

     Freediving in a deep shipwreck at Fernando de Noronha – Karol Meyer

  • Karoline M. Meyer

    Freediving with Gouliath Groupers – Paraná – Brazil (Karol Meyer)

  • Karoline M. Meyer

    Kalamata 100m – Karol Meyer

  • Karoline M. Meyer

    Kalamata 100m Karol Meyer


  • Balizumba

    you forgot about my top freediving video! but on vimeo:

    • Xxx

       Sweet choise of Trentemøller’s Moan ;o)

  • Critterthekid

    Could perhaps include:

    trailer for “breathe” featuring of course William Trubridge