Webcast Expedition on Palmyra Atoll

“On May 15, One World Journeys will begin a seven-day webcast expedition from Palmyra Atoll, a Pacific Island jewel 1000 miles south of Hawaii.

“”Palmyra Atoll: Rainforest of the Sea”” will take an in-depth look at
Palmyra’s 600 acres of emerald islets and some 16,000 acres of near-pristine coral reefs. The experience will be webcast at
http://www.OneWorldJourneys.com The expedition is presented in
collaboration with The Nature Conservancy which acquired Palmyra earlier this year.

Our team will include underwater photographer Jeff Foott, acclaimed
nature/environmental writer Terry Tempest Williams and Patagonia Inc.
Founder and conservationist Yvon Chouinard. Daily dispatches of digital photography, audio and video will be fed via satellite phone to give online explorers a “”you are there”” experience.

We are very excited to be able to share Palmyra with the world. We will be capturing some of the first underwater digital images on Palmyra’s amazing reefs.

For a preview, log on to:


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