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Freediving2002 Pacific World Cup Honors Jacques Mayol

2002 Pacific World Cup Honors Jacques Mayol


The United States Freediving Team and A.I.D.A. USA, is honored to announce that the 2002 Pacific Cup of Freediving will be dedicated to the memory of Jacques Mayol. The official name of the event shall be the ""Pacific Cup of Freediving 2002 Jacques Mayol Memorial International Competition.""Jacques was born in Shanghai, China in 1927. Jacques’ love of the ocean and his passion for freediving elevated him to the status of the ""Grandfather"" of freediving. He became recognized worldwide after the release of the cult classic movie, the Big Blue. He established several world records in freediving including being the first person to reach 60 meters on a singlebreath dive in 1966. He later attained a depth of 100 meters in 1976 and finally in 1983, a depth of 105 meters.

Jacques was lovingly referred to as the "Man Dolphin," a nickname that aptly described his exceptional abilities. His book, Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin within Man, has been referred to as the "Bible of Freediving."

Jacques passed away on December 22, 2001 on the Italian island of Elba. Jacques’ knowledge of and love for the sea and his passion for freediving will continue to be an inspiration for divers around the world.

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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