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2003 Advanced Freediver Schedule Announced

Join the Performance Freediving Team world record holders and your instructors for an experience of a life-time and explore your potential. Whether you’re a recreational freediver, videographer, spear fisherman or competitive freediver/spear fisherman, this clinic can take you to the next level in comfort, safety, skills and technique.

Advanced Freediver up-coming dates:

February 1 – 4 Miami, FL

March 15 – 18 Kona, HI

April 26 – 29 Malibu, CA

May 10 – 13 Miami, FL

June 7 – 10 Kona, HI

July 12 – 15 Malibu, CA

August 9 – 12 Miami, FL

September 12 – 16 Kona, HI

October 18 – 21 Malibu, CA

Check out the information on the specifics of the Advanced Freediver program below.

Advanced Freediver

Instructs competent and comfortable freedivers in the essentials of safety and problem management with a high emphasis on proper technique development, training and equipment. A thorough understanding of the physics and physiology of freediving is covered along with training programs to better further the freedivers physical and mental performance.

  • Advanced Safety and Buddy Procedures
  • Equipment for Performance Freediving
  • Proper Ventilation for Gas Saturation and Volume
  • Psychological Aspects of Freediving
  • Land and Pool Based Training Programs
  • Physics and Physiology of Freediving
  • Confined Water Static Apnea & Dynamic Apnea Development
  • Open Water Constant Ballast Development
  • Techniques for Advanced Freediving

Course Format / Duration

  • Advanced Freediver is held over 4-days, 8-hrs / day
  • 5 classroom sessions
  • 3 pool sessions
  • 3 open water sessions

Clinic Prerequisites

  • Basic Freediver or equivalent experience
  • Good health and fitness
  • 12 years of age with guardian permission
  • Static Apnea (breath-hold) of 1:00 minute dry
  • Dynamic Apnea (horizontal distance) of 25 meters / 75 feet
  • Constant Ballast (unassisted freedive) of 10 meters / 33 feet

Clinic Cost

$495.00 US and includes the following:

  • Personalized instruction from world record holders & trainer
  • 1 instructor/assistant : 2 buddy team ratio
  • ‘Advanced Freediver Student Manual’
  • ‘Advanced Freediver Student Workbook’
  • Hands on experience with specialty freediving equipment
  • Certificate of Achievement

*Boat fees may be an additional charge where applicable

Is This Course For You?

Your knowledge of safety, rescue or problem management is limited or you have none. You’re comfortable with basic freediving and achieve depths anywhere from 5 – 30m / 15 – 99 feet with relative comfort and have a surface-to-surface breath-hold time of around 1minute. You’re not sure of extended freediving physiology or the physics that affect you during your freedives. If so then this is the course for you!

For more information, please visit our website at to register.

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.