The winners of the 2018 NOGI Awards have been announced by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS).

This year’s winners are:

  • Marty Snyderman– Arts winner.
  • Michael Gernhardt– Science winner.
  • Sally Bauer– Sports/Education winner.
  • John Ogden– Environment winner.
  • Peter Hughes – Distinguished Service winner.

The winners will be presented with their awards at this year’s gala dinner on November 15, 2018 during DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to AUAS President Dan Orr:

“NOGI Award is the oldest and most prestigious award in the recreational diving world, recognizing individuals who have made significant career contributions to the sport, the industry and the world in the Arts, the Sciences, the Environment, Sports/Education and through Distinguished Service.”

You can find out more about the NOGI awards here, and purchase a ticket to attend the gala dinner here.

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