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AP Diving To Introduce New Products At EUROTEK

AP Diving will be introducing three new products at next weekend’s EUROTek 2014 Advanced Diving Conference in Birmingham, UK.

AP will showcase its Head-Up-Screen, a hands-free way of monitoring one’s rebreather status throughout the dive.

Among its features are:

* Vivid OLED colour display – with excellent readability even in very poor viz
* Conditional colouring indicates status changes – Green = good, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning
* New Ascent Rate and Ceiling Height graphical displays
* Live information in-line-of-sight throughout the dive

The HUS with a new unit will retail at £900, including VAT. A Factory-Fitted HUS Upgrade to existing units will cost £1,290 including VAT, according to AP Diving.

Secondly, AP will be showing off its new Rechargeable Battery Pack.

The company says the dual-power system nearly doubles the capacity of regular batteries, can be quickly recharged and features a full set of international power adaptors.

Some of its features include:

* Batteries B1 & B2 are physically and electrically isolated
* Approx. double the capacity of existing batteries – only requiring a recharge every 15-27 hours of diving (varies depending on solenoid type, work-rate, temperature & backlight use)
* Intelligent dual power system with all the usual AP checks, warnings, displays and automatic switch-over to B2 on depletion of B1
* Hardwired to the rebreather controllers, factory fitted and encapsulated to ensure a waterproof, uninterrupted power supply

A factory-fitted rechargeable battery upgrade to existing units will cost £300, including VAT.

Thirdly, AP will be introducing a new, extra-long, self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy with Easifil inflator stem.

The AP 3M SMBCi has a bunch of features, including:

* More than double the length of a regular SMB
* Original AP self-sealing baffle – tried & tested design seals airtight on inflation
* Easy deployment and inflation – velcro release and inflated via Easifil stem
* Easifil inflator hose stem – allows easy snag-free inflation using your BC or dry-suit inflator hose

The marker buoy will retail at £135, including VAT, according to AP Diving.

For more info on all these new products, check out AP Diving’s website.



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