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3rd Meditereanean Freediving World Cup announced has just heard that the 3rd Mediterranean Freediving Meeting has been announced in Kalamata, Greece.  In previous years this was a 15 day event with one week of organized depth training / sled diving / record attempts and a week long depth competition with World Record Status.

After the success of the last two years the organisers have decided that the Mediterranean Freediving Meeting will be upgraded to a World Cup event for 2010 and will include both an individual and a team event (teams will be national teams of 3) and will again include all 3 depth disciplines (A small static competition will also be run during the event).

The 3rd Mediterranean Freediving World Cup will be a 15 day event starting on Monday June 7th and finishing on Sunday June 20th with one week of training and one week of competition in all depth disciplines with Ranking and World Record status. Sled diving will also be available and there will be the ability to organise record attempts during the training week and possibly during the competition week.

Besides the training and competition part of the event this year a series of activities will be arranged in the afternoons/evenings including UnderWater photo exhibitions, talks, UnderWater film screening, visits and much more.

This will allow athletes to do more than “dive-eat-sleep”.

These activities will be open to all therefore allowing athletes to make this event a real holiday and the general public to learn more about freediving and the underwater world.

The full event website is waiting to be finalised but you can head over to for more information.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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