$500 Scholarship for Women Technical Divers

Jill Heinerth and Patty Mortara the co-owners of WomenUnderwater.com and editors for the NEW women’s diving section (which will premier here on DeeperBlue.net in the near future) are sponsoring a $500 scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to a woman diver to expand her education and/or training into the realm of technical diving.

The deadline is quickly approaching (October 31st) so Jill, Patty and their scholarship team are patiently awaiting applications from potential candidates. Jill_Patty_Mexico

Here is the link to the application: WUH2O.APP.005  The funds are intended for the selected scholar to continue her diving education. The funds can be used towards diving courses such as decompression procedures, overhead environment (wreck / cave training), gas courses (advanced nitrox thru trimix) or closed-circuit rebreather training.

Applications are open to women world-wide and the selected scholar gets to choose the course she would like to take, with which instructor, and the WomenUnderwater Scholarship Fund will provide $500.00 towards her endeavor.

The Women Underwater Scholarship is part of the WDHOF (Women Divers Hall of Fame) Scholarship program. There are 8 other scholarships available this year thru that organization; information regarding those can be found at wdhof.org-scholarships