67-Year-Old Extreme Diver Wolfgang Kulov Sets World Record With SEABOB Water Sled

Wolfgang Kulov Sets World Record With SEABOB Water Sled

Well, he did it.

At a diving depth of no greater than 10 meters, sixty-seven-year-old Wolfgang Kulow traversed the 20-km/12.5-mile distance from the Danish island of Lolland to the German island of Fehmarn via a SEABOB F5 S water sled in four hours and nine minutes on September 27th.

In so doing, Kulow set the world record for the “fastest underwater crossing of the Fehmarn Belt.”

He did it with the help of a support team that allowed him to change scuba tanks without having to leave the water.

According to Kulov:

“Setting such a demanding world record begins with an idea. To accomplish it, you need a highly motivated team. I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this challenge.”

Olaf Kuchenbecker from the German Records Institute confirmed the world record on location and said:

“This kind of world record has never been attempted before: I congratulate Wolfgang Kulow and the entire SEABOB team on their success.”

Ronny Roskosch, a SEABOB diving expert, added:

“Achieving this kind of record depends on numerous external factors. The Baltic Sea with its constantly changing conditions, the low water temperature of about 15° C (60° F), and low visibility of less than 5 meters (16 ft) created multiple challenges.”

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  • 20 km in 4 hr, 9 min: That's about 1.3 m/s, or 2.6 knots. My national record Dynamic swim averaged 1.4 m/s (2.7 knots) including the turns. So, this averaged slower than a freediver optimized for maximum range. Scuba has a long way to go to catch up to the efficiency and mobility of a freediver.
    Now... if only I could hold my breath for 4 hours!!!