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Activist Fights To Keep Bahamian Waters Clean

An environmental activist who is a resident of the Bahamas has vowed to fight to keep the waters of her favourite dive destination in the Bahamas clean.

PADI’s Project AWARE network of divers and activists is dedicated to keeping dive sites clear of debris. The network, which is composed mainly of professional divers, dive operators and volunteers, has more than 1,500 members and runs a scheme where members can adopt a dive site and regularly ensure that the dive site remains clean and free of debris. So far, the group has adopted more than 220 dive sites worldwide. Each site then benefits from monthly surveys and clean-up dives to ensure the reefs remain healthy and prosperous for future generations.

According to Sport Diver Magazine, to celebrate this achievement Project AWARE is profiling participants and highlighting their efforts, with the latest being Nassau resident activist Liz Parkinson.

Parkinson has been a scuba diver since 2000, and after finishing school she moved to the Bahamas. With a background in competitive swimming, scuba diving was the natural next step for her. Providence’s south shore is her favourite site which she has been actively involved in protecting. The beautiful location, which has featured in a couple of James Bond films, is a magnet for many international tourists.

You can check out the original Sport Diver Report here, or check out a video of New Providence reef below.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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