AERIS launches Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer

AERIS have just launched the T3. The elite T3 achieves a balance between features and usability, allowing you to focus on the dive. With AERIS’ wireless transmitter, the diver can also monitor gas pressure from up to three independent cylinders – ideal for both technical diving applications with compatibility with up to three Nitrox mixes to 100% oxygen and recreational diving with the new Buddy Pressure Check feature.  

AERIS T3 Elite


  1. Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive Operating Modes
  2. Buddy Pressure CheckTM allows monitoring of up to two “buddy” transmitters
  3. Switch between up to 3 independent transmitters for multiple cylinder use
  4. 3 Nitrox mix compatibility to 100%
  5. Bold, easy-to-read digits
  6. Custom Audible Alarms with flashing red LED light
  7. Dedicated Free Dive Mode allows switching between SCUBA and Free Diving during the same dive period and features dive time in min:sec, 1-second sampling rate, an automatic 30-second elapsed dive time alarm, countdown timer and 3 independent maximum depth alarm
  8. Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment
  9. Backlight with user-defined duration
  10. Alpha-Numeric Message Box Display clearly identifies data and alarm conditions
  11. Adjustable Safety Stop Time and DepthIncludes ACI Software and USB V2 Cable for both data download and settings upload (complete unit with transmitter only)
  12. 512 Download Memory Capacity

The elite T3 has an MSRP of US$639.95 for the wrist unit only or US$949.95 complete with wireless transmitter and is available from AERIS’ network of Authorized Dealers throughout the world. More information may be found at the AERIS Website.

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