AIDA International announces three new Instructor Trainers

Aida International has announced three new instructor trainers with extremely impressive credentials:

  • Pim Vermeulen. Pim  is a very experienced Aida diver, volunteer, judge, and instructor. He resides in the Netherlands and conducts courses throughout Europe and the Red Sea. He not only teaches courses in freediving from beginner to instructor but he is also a qualified judge instructor . Pim is multi-lingual; including Dutch, German, and English.
  • Miguel Lozano from Barcelona,Spain. Miguel wowed the freediving world at the recent Vertical Blue competition with a outstanding performance of 117m and a white card in Free Immersion. Miguel teaches courses and trains at Apnea Canarias. He is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • William Trubridge is the third new Instructor Trainer. William is the current World Record holder and World Champion in constant weight no-fins and free immersion. William hails from New Zealand and lives and trains at the famous Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. He also teaches courses in Europe during the summer months. William teaches courses in both English and Italian.