Tuesday, September 26, 2023
FreedivingAIDA International In Major Website Redesign

AIDA International In Major Website Redesign


AIDA International have launched a new redesigned website.  A clean, new look is being rolled out and a major overhaul of the backend systems has been developed.  The AIDA Board has announced that as all systems are being rebuilt there will be a number of sections and apps unavailable during the process.

AIDA President Carla Hanson put this message out on Facebook:

“As many of you have noticed; the website is under construction. It had to be completely shut down and it is now being re-built one piece,app, and function, at a time. It is a complicated and labor-intensive process. We appreciate your patience but it will be better than ever in the nearest possible future. Our last meeting was dedicated to discussing the website and how to address the current needs in the meantime.  We will give updates on the progress as it is available. Contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or can offer assistance to the workload.”

The new website can be seen at http://aidainternational.org/.

Stephan Whelan
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