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AIDA Issue Freediving Safety Statement On Lung Packing

AIDA International, the world’s largest Freediving Federation, has issued a safety statement regarding Lung Packing on it’s Facebook page:

For many of us, the deepdiving season has come to an end.

Congratulations to all of the medalists and other participants in the WC in Cyprus. To those of you who did not attend, I hope you all had a good season with many nice dives and personal bests. I also want to express my sorrow over the tragic disappearance of Natalia.

Moving into the pool, I want to remind you all always to put safety first also during the pool season. Recently several packing related incidents with lung damage and/or transient neurological symptoms have been reported. Keep in mind that lung packing and pack stretching are very advanced techniques that may lead to serious medical conditions and even death. Packing should be performed with care and is something that we do not recommend in the AIDA education program.

Per Westin – AIDA Medical Officer

Lung  packing,  also  known  as  carpa  or  buccal  pumping,  is  a  technique  employed  by  freedivers  to  increase the pressure in their lungs above normal. This technique is believed to assist in achieving greater depths, distances and time.  The technique is regarded by many as a risky procedure, especially without training.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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