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Tiger Shark Kills U.S. Diver Off Costa Rican Island

A Tiger Shark killed a female U.S. diver off Costa Rica's Cocos Island

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[VIDEO] Lost In Paradise

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Lost In Paradise

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Scottish Freediver, Shutterbug Janeanne Gilchrist Unveils Underwater Photography Exhibit

Scottish freediver and underwater shutterbug Janeanne Gilchrist has a new photography exhibit at a gallery…

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Dive Masters And Instructors – Work On A Superyacht!

Top jobs are available on superyachts for qualified dive masters and diving instructors

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[PHOTO] Chasing Fish

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week, brought to you by Vivid-Pix.

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Upcoming Avatar 2 Movie Cast Being Trained To Freedive

The cast of 'Avatar 2' was trained to freedive for many of the underwater scenes.

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5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Scuba Diving Trip

Keep these 5 tips in mind when planning your next Scuba Diving Vacation

  • Ocean Advocacy

Shark Awareness Sorely Lacking In The UK

A staggering 64% of British people wish that sharks do not exist.

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Freediving Champion Trains German Special Forces Soldiers

German Free diving Champion training Elite special forces soldier to increase their breath hold skills.

  • Underwater Imaging

Underwater Photographer Craig Parry To Host Facebook Live Event

Award winning photographer to Craig Barry to host photography basics live event on Facebook

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Coral Transplants Could Save The Great Barrier Reef

Coral transplants offer a new hope to the corals of the Great barrier reef.

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Children And Scuba Diving – Is It Safe?

We take a look at when children are mature enough to start scuba diving

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Surfers, Divers Could Help Gather Data About Coastal Warming

Scientist want to recruit surfers and scuba divers to monitor coastal water temperatures.

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PADI Helps Veterans Across The World Through Diving

PADI partnerships across the world to help veterans through scuba diving