Ancient 'Jaws' had monster bite

A prehistoric "Jaws" that roamed the seas 400 million years ago had the most powerful bite of any living fish.

The extinct fish Dunkleosteus terrelli could bring its jaws together with a remarkable force of 5,000kg (11,000lbs).Ancient 'Jaws' had monster bite 1

Its bite force was double that of a large great white shark putting it up with the most powerful biters ever, such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Details appear in the UK Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

The ancient sea monster’s teeth focused the bite force into a small area – the fang tip – at an incredible force of 5,625kg per sq cm (80,000 pounds per sq inch).

Even more surprising is the fact that Dunkleosteus could also open its mouth very quickly – in just one fiftieth of a second – which created a strong suction force, pulling fast prey into its mouth.

For more information see the BBC link.