Announcing Dahab Freedivers

Move over Enzo there’s a new sheriff in town.

That is a new freediving center in Dahab – the idyllic small town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.  Dahab Freedivers is a Freediving Center run by three of the most experienced instructors & competitors on the international scene: Pascal Berger of Switzerland, Stephen Keenan of Ireland and Miguel Lozano of Spain. Berger, Keenan and Lozano each respectively hold national freediving records in depth disciplines for each of their home countries, whatsmore while some of their athletic performances at international competitions are very close to world record status what they are all most ubiquitously recognized for is demonstrating world class sportsmanship.

Being situated at a treasured dive destination is another perk of Dahab Freedivers; located within the Red Sea Relax Resort, this new freediving center is perfectly positioned in front of the Lighthouse Reef. But the most important feature of Dahab Freedivers is the experience, knowledge and fun that it’s owners will share with everyone from beginners to advanced to professional freedivers — to anyone who is seeking to explore their own potential and the underwater realm in a peaceful, comfortable and safe environment. Their facilities can boast both top-notch staff and the highest quality equipment from Aqualung, Omer and Elios.


Dahab Freedivers is very supportive of the entire freediving community and welcomes other instructors to utilize their high caliber facilities and equipment for their students as well, available by rental. Check out more on the Dahab Freedivers facebook page.


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