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Apneamania release World Freediving Awards


The World Freediving Award has been presented to the world’s best freedivers in competitions in each category since 1999.

This is a unique Award and is based on the AIDA World Ranking list from each year.

Year 2009

Constant Weight,

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 101m / 101 points, 090925

Herbert Nitsch, Austria, 120m / 120 points, 090411


Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 8’23” / 100,6 points, 090821

Guy Brew, New Zealand, 9’03” / 108.3 points, 090711

Dynamic with fins,

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 213m / 106,5 points, 090822

Goran Colak, Croatia, 233m / 116,5 points, 091114

Dynamic without fins,

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 160m / 80 points, 090820

Dave Mullin, New Zeeland, 232m / 116 points, 090711

Constant Weight without fins,

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 62m / 62 points, 091203

William Trubridge, New Zealand, 90m / 90 points, 091203

Free Immersion,

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 90m / 90 points, 090927

Herbert Nitsch, Austria, 109m / 109 points, 090406

bill Stromberg has noted that Herbert Nitsch is the first freediver in the world who at some point in his freediving career has been a World Record holder in all 8 disciplines. Nitsch is also the first to mirror Pelizzari’s achievement in holding World Records in Constant, Variable and No Limits at the same time.

He has also pointed out that Natalia Molchanova is the first freediver to achieve more than 100 points in each depth, length and time disciplines inside of the same year, in both male and female categories.


Apneamania release World Freediving Awards 3
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