Aqualung is changing the game with the introduction of their new Rogue modular BCD. This lightweight, easy to assemble BCD starts at its core with the padded torso that comes in three different sizes. It also comes fully disassembled in order for the user to experience the ease of assembly as well as familiarize themselves with the connections.

Aqualung’s product manager Richard Vaughn said:

“The best thing about this BCD is the user can change not only the sizes of the attachments down the road, but also the colors of the attachments themselves.”

The draw to Aqualung’s Rogue BCD is found in both its versatility as well as its ease of assembly. The BCD is equipped with multiple connection points that snap into place to attach the shoulder, waist, and weight pocket connections. To detach the connections, the user needs only a car key, or a small pen-sized object to pop off the insert.

The Aqualung Rogue BCD retails for US$579/~498 Euros and will be available for purchase — along with the choice of added attachments — at the start of 2018.

Sarah Barrett

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