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You Asked, They Listened: Stream2Sea Debuts Two New Products at Customer Request

It’s only been two DEMA Shows since Stream2Sea made their debut on the show floor. has been eagerly watching their progress, and back in March we told you about their comprehensive plan to promote ocean conservation through eco-friendly body products. Founder Autumn Blum hoped to have two new products available for DEMA Show 2017, and the wait is finally over.

Their flagship sunscreen uses a physical rather than chemical barrier to protect your skin from the sun, and can look a little white if over-applied. One major push for this past year has been the development of a tinted sunscreen that blends well with most skin types, evens out skin tone, and doesn’t produce the white sheen. Orders start shipping in early September, but you can stop by booth #753 and can get a preview before you leave the show.

The other exciting development is the release of their bulk sized bottles, developed in response to overwhelming interest from Stream2Sea users. It took a little while to find the right materials, but Autumn was finally satisfied with bottles made from 97 percent post-consumer content, and those will start shipping next week.

Stream2Sea’s Wavemakers brand ambassador program is going strong, with partners such as Roots & Shoots at University of Tampa helping to advance the message of conservation through education.

Up ahead for the new year, Autumn wants to tackle two new challenges. First on the agenda is perfecting their formula for mask defog — another frequent request from Stream2Sea fans.

“People told me not to invest too much in the dive industry, that they’re not my target audience, but I think they couldn’t be more wrong. Divers are the ambassadors of the ocean.”

If the booming success of her products are anything to go on, it seems her faith is well-founded. But she’s not content to just reform the products we use for diving. According to a NOAA study, the 4,000-6,000 tons of sunscreen estimated to end up in the ocean from direct application is a terrible underestimate. Once adjusted to account for the sunscreen that washes down our drains, that figure soars to a devastating 14,000-16,000 tons. After all, every stream does lead to the sea eventually.

To that end, the second item on Stream2Sea’s upcoming agenda is the development of daily wear products. By shifting our understanding of conservation from occasional use to the everyday, Stream2Sea has the potential make a huge impact on what allow to wash out into our oceans.

If you’re ready to order some effective, eco-friendly body products or if you just want to learn more about what’s in your sunscreen and how that affects the environment, check out the Stream2Sea website.

We recommend the Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash (US$12.95/12.19 Euros for a 6 oz./170 gram bottle), which is safe for use on deck aboard your dive boat, and the Leave-In Conditioner ($12.95 for a 6 oz. bottle). Sun and Sting Relief Gel ($12.95 for a 6 oz. bottle) cools and soothes everything from bug bites to the sting from chopping chiles. And the mineral Sunscreen ($16.95/15.95 Euros for a 3 oz./85 gram bottle) is a must-have.

Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin began diving in 2012 as preparation for a trip to Hawaii and before the year was out she'd left her old life behind to work in the dive industry full-time. When she's not out exploring the deep and collecting c-cards, you might find her making art or working on her master's thesis in cultural anthropology at San Diego State University. Erin is an Associate Editor with


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