Atomic Aquatics‘ latest dive mask, the Venom Frameless Mask, is now available, the company announced recently.

The Venom Frameless adds to the company’s current line of masks including the Venom, Frameless, and SubFrame models, which allows more options for different face sizes.

The mask sports what the company calls a “Gummi Bear UltraSoft” silicone face seal as well as a second, more rigid silicone skirt that keeps the mask from slipping even in very turbulent water. It also has low-profile, adjustable buckles that cut down on drag when swimming through the water.

The “Schott Superwite UltraClear” single lens allows up to 96 percent of available light to reach the eyes. Atomic Aquatics says the single-window lens is “distortion-free to maximize upward, downward and side-to-side vision.”

Divers have the option of buying the mask in Gray/Black and Red/Black colors. For more info, check out the company’s website.