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Atomic Aquatics Unveils M1 Regulator

Atomic Aquatics has announced the availability of its latest regulator, the M1. A natural addition to the acclaimed Atomic product line, the M1 combines the features and innovations unveiled and proven effective in the company??s three other regulator models. Further, Atomic engineers have developed several new features that make the M1 the most advanced and versatile regulator on the market today.In 1997, Atomic redefined what divers look for in a regulator with the launch of the T1 model, still considered the finest regulator in the world by the dive retail community. The use of Titanium components and high tolerance precision machining results in a regulator that performs like a finely-tuned machine. The M1, available now from authorized Atomic dealers, builds on those innovations in a major way.

??Atomic built its reputation on being innovative and relevant,?? said Dean Garraffa, Atomic co-founder. ??The M1 takes the best elements of regulator technology introduced in the T1, B1 and Z1 models and brings them all together to create the most complete, versatile and functional regulator in the world. We don??t say that lightly ?? we can back it up. The M1 has many features other regulator companies have only been able to talk about. We deliver them!??

With internal components built from Titanium, Zirconium, Kevlar and the latest revolutionary metal to be used in diving equipment, Monel, the M1 is designed for function and performance. The patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC) system (the first and only system of its type) makes the M1 a true ??self-adjusting?? regulator, delivering a constant, comfortable air flow at any depth.

Technical divers will appreciate the versatility the M1 provides. The M1 can be switched between air and Nitrox without special cleaning or modifications and even some oxygen mixes when used within certain guidelines. This important feature is something long sought-after by the advanced diving community. Beginning divers will benefit from the simplicity combined with performance of the M1. Its patented features are expertly designed to deliver a reliable breathing flow in any underwater environment.

The front cover of the M1 second stage is not only built with aesthetically-pleasing materials, it has been specially designed to prevent freeflow in surge or swift currents. The lightweight housing also features a super-wide exhaust deflector to keep bubbles away from a diver??s field of vision. A unique mouthpiece design will soon set new industry standards for comfort and durability. Built from two different hardness silicone materials, the anatomically-designed mouthpiece was created as a direct result of requests and comments from Atomic customers and dealers.

??Few scuba equipment companies build their products with direct input from their customers in mind,?? said Doug Toth, co-founder. ??Since Atomic produces its regulators here in the United States using finely tuned production techniques, we have the ability to make adjustments and updates to products other companies are not typically able to do. Our commitment to quality and service makes Atomic products a popular choice for divers wanting to dive with the best equipment on the market.??

Atomic products have been regularly recognized for quality by consumer diving publications, engineering periodicals, dive-oriented web sites and in the scuba community. The M1 carries an unprecedented two-year, complete factory warranty that includes free factory repair or replacement. Following that extended two year period, the M1 features a limited, lifetime warranty. Unlike other manufacturers?? warranty programs, Atomic??s warranty on the M1 does not expire or become void due to diver inactivity or missed service schedules.

The M1 has a suggested retail price of $699.00 and is available now through authorized Atomic Aquatics dealers. For more information about Atomic Aquatics entire line of high performance scuba diving products, visit the company??s web site at

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