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Atomic???s Latest Innovation ??? the ??Comfort Swivel??

Atomic Aquatics continues to introduce relevant and innovative additions to its product line. The latest, the “Comfort Swivel” is specifically engineered to prevent annoying binding and cumbersome pulling on the second stage during a dive – something many divers have complained about since the first regulator was introduced more than 50 years ago. 

The efficiently-designed “Comfort Swivel” is available in either mirror-polished stainless steel or light-weight Titanium and can easily fit any Atomic Aquatics regulator. When installed, the “Comfort Swivel” provides a smooth and convenient 30-degree range of motion between the second stage and the air hose connected to the first stage. Divers will find it easier to move their head from side to side or up and down without experiencing any binding or restriction of movement.

“It frustrates me to see photos of divers with the regulator being pulled from their mouths,” explains Atomic’s Dean Garraffa. “It’s so unnecessary. With our new “Comfort Swivel”, Atomic owners will discover another innovation that allows them to experience a more comfortable and effective diving experience.”

Atomic’s “Comfort Swivel” helps to provide a level of safety and comfort previously unavailable in regulators. Divers in the rare out-of-air situations will find the swivel action of the regulator makes it easier for divers breathing from an Atomic octopus or safe-second.

Garraffa said the complete “Comfort Swivel” assembly, which also includes a 31” hose, is available as an upgrade exclusively for Atomic regulators. It can be easily installed by any authorized Atomic Aquatics dealer in less than 15 minutes.

The “Comfort Swivel”, available in either mirror-polished stainless steel or light-weight Titanium, is designed for extreme durability and carries an unconditional five-year warranty. The suggested retail price for the stainless steel version is $75.00, while the Titanium option has a suggested retail cost of $125.00

Already the manufacturers of the most popular regulator line in the dive industry, according to multiple independent research studies, Atomic Aquatics plans to make the “Comfort Swivel” a standard feature of its next generation of regulators. For more information, visit the Atomic Aquatics website at or visit your nearest Atomic Aquatics dealer.

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