Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Abi Smigel Mullens

Abi is a travel writer and photographer specializing in the underwater world. She is also associate editor of Wetpixel, the premiere community website dedicated to underwater photography and videography. When not diving and traveling, or writing about diving and traveling, she runs PictureHum, the Airbnb of family photography in the US.

Creature Feature: Manta Rays and the Plankton Buffet

The 18 wheelers of the Underwater Highways, what happens when they stop at a Diner. Abi Smigel tells more

Creature Feature: Myrtle the Sea Turtle

In October's Creature Feature, resident writer Abi Smigel enlightens us with a tale of sea turtles, from the well known green turtle to the collosal leatherback

Creature Feature: Road Rules

Staff Writer Abi Smigel introduces the tiny Hermit Crab, an ever present creature proliferating reefs and underwater environments around the world

Creature Feature: Not quite Muhammed Ali

Resident underwater creature expert Abigail presents another unique look at a creature from below the waves. This month Abi gives a run-down of the Boxer Crab. A must read article for anyone interested in the Underwater World.

Creature Feature: Grumpy Old Men Named Garibaldi

The bright orange color of Garibaldi's make it hard to miss them they are certainly not timid creatures. Abi tells you more.