Emma Farrell

Emma Farrell is one of the world’s leading freediving instructors and the author of the stunning book One Breath: A Reflection on Freediving. She has been freediving since 2001 and teaching since 2002. She is an Instructor Trainer with RAID, SSI, and AIDA, a founding member of the AIDA Education Commission and has written courses that are taught internationally, as well as her own specialty courses such as her course for surfers, spearfishing safety skills course and Gas Guzzler course.

Dealing with Risks Associated with Freediving

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Avoiding Blackouts & Hypoxic Fits

We take a look at Avoiding Blackouts and Hypoxic Fits in our Beginners Guide to Freediving

Finning Techniques for Freediving

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Perfect Your Way To Duck Diving

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Weighting Yourself Correctly for Freediving

We take a look at Weighting Yourself Correctly in our Beginners Guide to Freediving
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