Jeannette Copeland

HMS Victoria

Last week a group of Technical Divers completed an expedition in the Lebanon region with the purpose of diving the wreck of HMS Victoria (amongst others). ...

Tech at the NEC Dive Show

Jeannette shares some of the discoveries at the Dive show in Birmingham, UK.

Tech @DEMA 2003

Technical diving was well-represented this year at DEMA.

Police Apprehend Thief With Stolen Rebreather

Recently, The Inspiration user group rallied together to help retrieve a stolen inspiration rebreather advertised on an auction website. The close-knit circle of CCR...

Decompression Entertainment

What do you do with those long hours of decompression? We have the latest and greatest ideas here.
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The British Virgin Islands has a great reputation among sailing enthusiast, it also has great scuba diving that mostly remains a secret. Explore some of the great diving found in BVI.