Saturday, October 24, 2020

Jessica Lawson

Jessica Lawson is a Journalist come Freediver from Byron Bay, Australia. When she isn't writing about Freediving she is usually playing in the sea. She is also a board member of the Australian National Freediving Association, acting as Press Representative.

“Pressure” – The Short Semi-Biographical Freediving Film – Available Online

"Pressure" - the short semi-biographical freediving featuring the underwater journey of world famous, Catalan Freediver Miguel Lozano, to 123m under the surface of the ocean - has been released...

Interview With Ant Williams On His Ice Record Project

New Zealand born, Australian come freediver Ant Williams has recently announced a new project. He intends to attempt to break the record for freediving in ice in around eighteen...

Alexey Molchonov And Kathryn Nevatt Take Gold In Pan-Pacific Freediving Championships

The first ever Pan Pacific Freediving Championships has finished today in Brisbane, Australia. National Records were abundant across the region for many divers, both veterans and many who are newer...

Pan-Pacific Freediving Championships Kick Off

The Pan Pacific Freediving Championships at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre began started today with Static (STA) championships. The competition which will be the biggest Freediving competition ever held in...