Laura Harris

Support Diving for the AIDA World Freediving Championships 2004

Laura, head of the FreeDiving Support Team "The Angels", explains the support logistics at the AIDA World Championships

The Angels' Story

The challenges and history behind The Angels; the UK based technical diving team dedicated to freediver safety.

Cramp! A diver's Guide

Read the information behind those annoying and painful muscle cramps.

Hydration for divers

Laura Harris discusses why hydration is so important for divers; especially divers planning decompression dives.
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Latest Posts

Champion Freediver William Trubridge Swims Cook Strait, Raises Awareness For Dolphins

World Champion Freediver William Trubridge recently swam the Cook Strait in his home country of New Zealand to raise awareness of the plight of hectors dolphins.

Guide To Freefalling In Freediving

Learn what is the freefall in freediving, why do we do it, and how to do it properly.

PFI’s Intermediate Freediving Manual Now Available For Purchase

If you're thinking about taking your freediving skills to the next level, Performance Freediving International is now offering its Intermediate Manual for purchase outside of a course.

NAUI Announces New ‘Next Generation Leadership’ Award

NAUI Worldwide has announced that its awards committee had approved a new award aimed at those who haven't been in the dive industry for very long, particularly those who reach out to younger potential divers.

Learning From The Pool, Bringing Training To The Cloud

Whilst diving is moving to a more online model, it is the foundational roots of swimming and swim coaching that is arguably pushing the envelope of what can be done online