Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nathan Lucas

Nathan Lucas is a fireman, a SoCal based freediving instructor with FII and the founder of Apneaaddicts.com (a website for all aspects of tankless diving). His intrigue for the ocean began as a kid, learning to surf in the chilly waters of Southern California and grew to a love for the ocean when he started diving beneath the waves. After taking his first course through FII, freediving quickly went from his hobby to a lifestyle. He hopes to use his experience to promote freediving in a safe, yet entertaining way for all.

Review: FII Spearfishing Course

I’ve hunted along the California coast, Channel Islands, down in Baja and Hawaii.  I’ve picked the brains of many local SoCal legends, been mentored by respected spearos on many...

Review: Manual of Freediving – Underwater On a Single Breath (2nd Edition)

We review the Manual of Freediving (2nd Edition)

Benefits of Dynamic Apnea

Freediving and Spearfishing (as with any ocean sport) can be very frustrating when conditions are rough, and can leave you land locked for weeks on end.  Living in Southern...