Nico Danan

I curate OceanMinds where fish get their news. A multilingual digital jack of all trades, underwater creature mostly, I am a chocoholic who believes in mermaids.

Scuba Renaissance With The New Oceanic Omega 3.0 Regulator

It smells like salt, it smells like home. The Mediterranean Sea that dances around the coast forming many "Calanques" (coves) near Marseilles is the only water around the world...

DEMA Show 2012: Bob Croft – Navy Diver, Submariner and Father of Freediving spent time with Bob Croft - the father of freediving - who talked about his adventures and his upcoming new autobiography.   Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as well...

DEMA Show 2012: Fourth Element Argonaut – The Adventurer’s Drysuit caught up with Jim Standing from Fourth Element to take a look at their new drysuit - The Argonaut.     Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as well as previous...

DEMA Show 2012: Andy Casagrande and GoPro

Join as we talk to Emmy award winning Cinematographer Andy Casagrande and GoPro to discuss his use of GoPro's in his filming. Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as...

Frogs Bring The Green To The Blue: Sustainable Competing The French Way

3 years after the last Nice AIDA Open, a new kind of competition is brought back to the French Riviera: the "Nice Abyss 2009". In September 2009 - Guillaume Nery, the CIPA team and some 70 participants competed. Read our interview with Guillaume...
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