Paul Kotik

Paul Kotik has been a Staff Writer and Freediving Editor for He lives in Florida, USA with his family.

Freediving White Tiger !

No, not me: an actual freediving white tiger. Here !

World and National Records Set on Grand Cayman

Georgetown, Grand Cayman BWI -Tuesday, May 1st saw the end of the 2nd PFI Cayman Competition held over four days on Grand Cayman, BWI.  Eleven international athletes from...

Unknown Ocean Creature Filmed off Florida Coast

Palm Beach, FLORIDA - Has a new, heretofore unknown species of marine life been filmed by a diver off the coast of South Florida? Details and...

PFI Open Final Results

Grand Cayman, BWI - World Record holder Mandy-Rae Cruickshank sends the following dispatch from Grand Cayman following the close of the PFI Open competition there: So...

Divers Gone Wild !

Spring Break, tropical breezes, turquoise ocean waters, white sandy beach and the dive show where you can actually dive...

New York Whale Sleeps With The Fishes

New York City - The juvenile whale spotted Tuesday cruising the placid waters of New York Harbor has died. Details here.

Whale Sighted in New York Harbor

New York City - A whale is reported cruising the waters of New York Harbor. More details here.

OceanFest in Florida

Fort Lauderdale - OceanFest 2007, Florida's premiere dive and adventure sports expo, is set to open Friday, April 20 and will run through Sunday, April 22. ...

New British Women????????s Freediving Record

The British Freediving Association is pleased to announce a new British women’s freediving record, in the constant-weight-without-fins discipline. This was set by Sara Campbell on 3rd April...

DEMA Pro Florida Artifical Reef Law

San Diego, Calif. – (March 23, 2007) - The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) is pleased to announce that the “Ships 2 Reefs” bills before the...