Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Rebecca Coales

Omdiver is Rebecca Coales; a yoga teacher, PADI Divemaster, AIDA 3 star freediver and Assistant Instructor with NoTanx Apnea. Rebecca lives in Bristol and runs a freediving club (Bristol Freedivers) and teaches yoga. With any time leftover she works as an environmental advisor. When not diving or doing Yoga you can find her at or on twitter @om_diver.

Keeping Fit for Divers on a Liveaboard

Being enclosed by water on all sides is no excuse for not keeping fit while diving off a boat. Prepare for your dives at sunrise; recover at sunset and...

Be One with the Water

My article this month was inspired by watching a trainee scuba diver waving and ‘swimming’ their arms whilst trying to move across the pool, legs splayed wide, wobbling from...

Putting the ‘OM’ into diving

Yoga and scuba diving do not make obvious bedfellows. One calls to mind lithe bodies in stretchy lycra, the other a clumsy vision in thick neoprene and dangling hoses....