Sara-Lise Haith

Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.

Freediving World Team Championship Update

As the Freediving World Team Championship rolls on the list of results is becoming interesting.  There are many new faces from new participating countries, such as Malaysia and Spain. According...

Day 1 of World Series Freediving Results

The results of the World Series Freediving event, the Odex-Treme Neptune Freediving Challenge 2012, are now published.  This event is currently taking place in Sydney, Australia at the Sydney Olympic...

Freediving Watch Review

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine have written an interesting review on a range of dive watches designed for freediving.  The brands covered are the Mares Nemo Apneist, Beuchat Mundial, Suunto D4,...

Condolences to family and friends of Vladimir Yuzov

The freediving community has just learned with great sorrow, that the Vice-president of AIDA Ukraine Vladimir Yuzov, has unfortunately died in a road accident on the 22nd August 2012. ...

Kathryn Nevatt gains new New Zealand National Record

Kathryn Nevatt has won a new New Zealand National record in Dynamic No-Fins discipline, with a distance of 163m. This magnificent attempt done during the 2012 New Zealand Indoor Nationals...
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