Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sean Samuels

UK Seasearch Dive Season

The 2002 Seasearch diving season will open on World Oceans Day next month, with a series of introduction courses to be held across the UK.As a prelude to several...

Grey Whales Profile

WHERE TO FIND THEM The migratory journey for the Gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) begins in the frigid waters of the Beaufort, Chukchi and Bering Seas where they feed. The summer...

Sperm Whales Profile

Read about the Sperm whale - the deep-sea leviathan made famous by Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

Beluga Whales Profile

Here are the first of 5 species profiles. These profiles include descriptions of the whales and details of where and when to catch a glimpse of these animals in the wild.

Praise for UK Scuba Team in Kursk Salvage Operation

"British divers have been exalted for their part in recovering the wreck of the Russian submarine the Kursk. The sunken vessel, which exploded and sank in August last year was...

Near Miss for Alaskan Wildlife

"Emergency services have prevented oil from polluting water and wildlife after a gunman’s bullet pierced a pipeline running to the Valdez marine terminal. Around 6,800 barrels, or 285,600 gallons, of...

Sex Mad Sea Lion Scores at 80

"A virulent California sea lion has amazed marine experts by becoming a dad for the 30th time. At 21, human age 80, Boris this week fathered two...

Marine Life Conference: Oceans 2001

"The Marine Conservation Society is hosting a one-day conference later this month, at which staff involved in the making of the Blue Planet series will relate their experiences. At...

Thailand to charges divers in Andaman Sea

"Thailand is to charge scuba-divers 200 baht ($4.50) everytime they visit popular diving spots in the Andaman Sea. The fee, agreed by both government agencies and tour operators, will be...

Florida lawmakers look to delay ban on shark-feeding dives

"A call by two State Republicans to delay final action on a proposed ban on marine life feeding in Florida waters has been described as ""ludicrous"" and ""classic backroom...